Government As An Institution Of The State

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Government As An Institution Of The State

Government as an institution of the state may be defined as a machinery established by the state to organize the state, manage it’s affairs and administer it’s functions and duties. It is also seen as a machinery through which the will of the state is formulated, expressed and realised.

The need for government came up as a result of people living together, interacting and working together as well as forming different associations. This living and working together may bring about conflicts, disagreements, criaes of different dimensions e.t.c. the results would be that the rich will exert force to oppress the poor.

The fundamental function of any state therefore, is to come up with dynamic policy, to control people by the administration of Justice so that the weak are protected from the strong  and the poor from the wealthy. Therefore, the need to have a body capable of regulating their daily activities arises.

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If there is no such agency, Anarchy could be reign in the society. There is the need for people to elect and establish Among themselves in agency (Government) with political power and authority to direct all activities in a state.

Government as an institution of the state has three organs or structures and the functions of each of them are stipulated accordingly in the Constitution. For Example,

The Executive is concerned with policy formulation and implementation.

The Legislature is equally involved in Law-Making.

The Judiciary concentrates mainly In the interpretation of the law.

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