Government As An Academic Field Of Study

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Government As An Academic Field Of Study


Government as an academic field of study involves the study of political institutions in the state, ideas, values and doctrines about politics, the view of political thinkers on what constitutes the welfare of the people. It’s a social science subject that is taught in schoola and colleges as well as in higher institutions where it is popularly known as political science.

The study of government embraces International Relations, Public Administration, Local Government Administration, Comparative Politics, etc. Government as a science studies politics through the use of computers, research, statistics and analysis of data. Government also relates to other subjects or disciplines such as Economics, History, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, and Mathematics.

Branch of government as an academic field of study are as follows:

Public Administration deals with human management in government establishments or public affairs.

International Relations : This area deals with diplomacy and external relations with other countries.

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Political Thoughts / Theories : It has to do with early political thinkers e.g Locke, Hobbes, and Machiavelli.

Political Economy : It deals with fiscal and monetary policies of a countries.

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Government As An Academic Field Of Study
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