10 Major Functions of Modern Government

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Functions of Modern Government

The Following are the major functions of modern government.

Law Making : Government is responsible for making laws in a country. Laws are made to ensure peace and order in the society. The Legislature is the organ of government that’s responsible for making laws.

Provision of Social Amenities : Amenities like electricity, potable water, health center e.t.c. are provided by the government. These are necessities for human existence.

Maintenance of Law and Order : The Maintenance of law and order is the responsibility of government. This function is usually performed by government agencies like the police.

Defence of the Country : Government is responsible for defending the country against external aggression. It is the duty of the armed forces of a country to maintain the territorial integrity of the state.

Protection of Lives and Property : Government is also responsible for protection of lives and property. For example, any person can seek the police protection if there is the need for it.

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Provision of Employment : Job is also provided for the citizens. This goes a long way in improving the welfare of the people.

Formulation and Implementation of Policies : Formulation and implementation of policies are carried out to ensure the well-being of the people. The executive arm of government performs this function.

Promotion of Economic Activities : The promotion of everything activities is done through the process of of infrastructurer, e.g. roads, railways, airports, etx and by encouraging local and foreign investors.

Administration of Justice : The Judiciary is responsible for the administration of justice. It settles disputes between individuals and the government.

External Affairs Functions : Government maintain good relations with other countries. The Head of State and Ministry of External Affairs perform this function in Nigeria. Diplomats who represent their countries in other countries further this noble role.

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